Tools & Resources

Assessment Tools
Skills and Themes Inventory
Assess your current level of mastery for 47 research skills.
Organizational Ecosystem Model
Visualize relationships with key people and teams within your organization.
Focus and Growth Tools
Skill Progression Map
Chart the landscape of your skills. Decide where to invest, or divest.
Career Trajectory Map
Visualize how your career has progressed, and draw possible future directions along a contributor/manager track separation.
Project Work Tools
Project Builder
Plan successful research projects: visualize the end-to-end flow and make up-front decisions that lead to greater downstream impact.
Project Journey Map
Understand your personal conditions for success by visualizing highs and lows in a project timeline.
Team Capability Tools
Work in progress—team tools still under development.
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Suggestions for a tool?

Please get in touch if
- You’ve used any part of RSF in a particular way and think it could also be useful for other people
- Want to incorporate elements of RSF in bigger processes/packages

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