Skills and Themes Inventory

10-15 minutes

This is a solo activity for anyone who carries out the work of research to quickly assess their current level of mastery for 47 research skills. Take stock of your strengths and weaknesses as a first step towards identifying what to invest in next.

What you'll need

  • Your copy of the template
  • To be in a quiet, reflective mood


  1. Open the template, and click "File > Make a copy" to make your personal copy.
  2. Go to the "Rating sheet" tab.
  3. Rate each skill pattern on a 0-4 scale.
    - A rough guess is fine.
    - If you want to know more about a skill, click the skill pattern to see details
    - This scale is a variation on Marzano's Levels of Understanding (ref "The Art and Science of Teaching")
  4. The "Score per Theme" table will fill in automatically. Review the table and ask yourself
    - What does it tell you about your strengths and weaknesses? Is it what you expected or were there surprises?
    - Where are the gaps that you'd like to work on next?

Optional next step - Skill Progression Mapping

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Examples in the wild


Be honest with yourself. This is a reflective exercise to gain awareness of where you stand, not to get the highest score possible!


  • Conduct this assessment every 6 months to track your progress
  • Do a cross-assessment with a trusted colleague, and compare your self-assessment with how your skills are perceived by someone else

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