Career Trajectory Map

Focus and development
15-20 minutes

This is an activity that was part of the 2019 Researcher Skills Workshops, hosted by the ReOps community.

What you'll need

You only need a copy of the map image. You can draw on it in Sketch or Figma or Miro or Google Draw... or print it out and get yourself a pen.


  1. When did you start as a researcher? —place a dot, add a date. In that first role, where do you think you got to? Place a dot and trace the progression.
  2. Move on to your next year or next job, whichever first: think about how you were working—place a dot.
  3. Now continue dot-ing and tracing your progress for each year & career event, until you reach today
  4. Finally, draw forward a few years...
  5. Consider the following questions
    - Where are you now, and how did you get there?
    - What’s the most interesting (best, worst, hardest, unusual) part about your journey so far?
    - Where do you think you’d like to push towards? How will you get there?
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