Organizational Ecosystem Model

10-15 minutes

This is an activity to reflect on the structure of the organization you're working in. To help you refine what you really understand about where decisions flow from, and who has access to user insight.

What you'll need

  • A sheet of blank paper
  • Black marker, a few colors


  1. Start with a shaded dot for yourself, and add a circle around that for your team...
  2. Draw a bigger circle around your team—what larger group / business unit is your team a part of? Label that group.
  3. Add in your Design and/or Product team if they aren’t already a part of the picture.
  4. Finally, think of each team/group with direct access to customers: sales, support, consulting, etc.—add them to the map and shade them in. Draw out how they’re connected to you.
  5. Consider the following the questions
    - Where does your team fit into the org?
    - How does that arrangement affect the work that you take on?
    - Which other team has the strongest connection to customers/users? Why? What happens to their knowledge & experience?
    - From your perspective, who has the most impact on your work?
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Examples in the wild

This was an activity in the 2019 workshops


If you work in an agency or consulting context, add your client's organization in your map.


Do it with your colleagues and look for similarities and diferences in how you perceive your organizational environment.

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