A global series of workshops

In 2019, 76 volunteer facilitators hosted RSF workshops for 486 participants around the world. These events served as opportunities for local communities to come together, and at the same time, brought a participatory research aspect in order to collect data for the framework.
Atlanta, GA, USA
Austin, TX, USA
Berlin, Germany (1st event)
Berlin, Germany (2nd event)
Bournemouth, UK
Bristol, UK
Cleveland, OH, USA
Copenhagen, Denmark
Leeds, UK
Lisbon, Portugal
London, UK (1st event)
London, UK (2nd event)
Madrid, Spain
Manhattan, NY, USA
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
Minneapolis - St. Paul, MN, USA
Montréal, QC, Canada
Oslo, Norway
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Oxford, UK
Perth, Australia
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Portland, OR, USA
Porto, Portugal
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rotterdam, Netherlands
São Paulo, Brazil
Toronto, ON, Canada
Washington, DC, USA
Wellington, New Zealand
Zurich, Switzerland


The workshop included an early version of craft and human skills lists but more importantly, group activities to facilitate reflection and discussion of career progression. Now that the RSF workshop series are complete, we've stripped out the project-specific elements and packaged the resources as a "workshop-in-a-box" that anyone can use in their organizations and communities.
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