Paris, France

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On 9th of May, 2020, we gathered 16 user researchers to reflect on our skills. We spend a very good evening, everyone was happy to see there is a lot of researchers from different backgrounds in Paris: “It’s the 1st time I met UX Researcher”, “I feel more peaceful and able to share my work with others”, “I can share basic building blocks of research”.


- “It’s cool to have a moment for self reflection: I should do it more”

- “I just realized the more senior you get, the less you do research”

- “I understood how I could progress toward seniority”

- “It is the 1st time I think about research in terms of skills and career”

- “There are blurred lines between the jobs, we researchers can have many hats”

- “It’s difficult to evaluate myself!”

Fears & Identified Challenges: 

- Research is not valorized as it should be. What can we answer to product folks who say: “Everyone can ask a question”?

- “I hope I’ll have a measurable/visible impact on the product”

- “I’ll have to reorganize the team to share the workload”

- “It’s hard to keep the quality of the research in the hurry of the projects”

- “We have a challenge now: push the field forward”

Questions & topics to be discussed:

- How to blend qual & quant?

- How to bring confidence to the team?

- How do we help early stage organizations establish their research practice?

- What should we call ourselves? (UX researchers, user researchers, design researchers….?)

- To what extent is research a science? 

Thanks Hiveworks for hosting us! 

Want to get in touch with the Parisian scene, please contact Tomomi or Marine!

Credit for photos: Workshop organizers

Organized by

Tomomi Sasaki
Tomomi Sasaki

Tomomi is a designer and partner at the Tokyo/Paris based design studio AQ. She is co-founder of Design Research Tokyo and on the board of the ResearchOps Community. Twitter @tomomiq.

Marine Dias
Marine Dias

Marine is a Paris-based user researcher working at Algolia. She is interested in new technologies development, smooth integration of research in product cycles and ethical philosophy. She is also Chapter Lead for the mentorship program of Hexagon UX Paris.

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