Lagos, Nigeria

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We hosted the Lagos edition of the researcher skills workshop on 15th June 2019. The workshop had 11 attendees with up to 6 years of UX experience. Most did not have the title of UX Researcher but were involved in conducting and driving research in their respective organisations. 

Participants enjoyed the workshop as it allowed them think more deeply about what it means to do UX research and how to grow a career in UX research. Since the workshop, we've had other meetups to connect as researchers and learn from one another. We also have a slack community to keep in touch.

Thanks to the ResearchOps community for putting this together and to Paystack for letting us use their office space to host the workshop.

If you’re in Lagos or Nigeria and would like to chat or learn about research, feel free to reach out to Lade

Credit for photos: Workshop organizers

Organized by

Lade Tawak
Lade Tawak

Lade is an experience and service designer using her writing, research, strategy, and facilitation skills to help build useful and usable products and services. She is interested in emerging technology, emerging markets, employee experience, and social good. Organiser Usable, SheDesigns, and UXR Hangout.

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