2019 Workshop Data Summary

RSF is rooted in our experience in the field, and informed by the input of 486 research practitioners from around the world who attended our workshops.

Participants included 249 researchers, 155 designers and 82 'other', with more than half (54.5%) of them working in-house in the private sector.

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The design research maturity of their organizations varies widely. 24.1% of respondents assess their organizations to have a mature practice.

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Raw data

If you're interested in running further analysis to make new sense of this data, please feel free to explore the raw data. It's available under Creative Commons as noted in the FAQ & Policy.

RSF Raw Data (Google Spreadsheet)→

Additionally, the initial python scripts used to analyze this data and generate lightweight graphics for the skills are all in the project github page: see the "analysis scripts" and "graphics" folders.

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