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Basic Quantitative Work
Basic Quantitative Work

With Actionable Research Question, our Participant Segments & Screener we take special care in how surveys and questionnaires are designed and deployed to ensure valid and reliable data.

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The challenge

Surveys have a high perceived ratio of value:effort. That is, they are an easy tool to reach for, even when they may not be the best tool for the job. This ease to launch can also lead to a lack of detailed care in delivery. 

They can go to email spam, be sent to the wrong audience, get sent with a broken link, not work with respondents' devices, or output data in a difficult format to deal with. Execution needs to consider survey platform, delivery mechanism, expected response types, and a pilot run to ensure valid and actionable results.

The approach

First, always go back and consider whether or not this question should be run as a survey. Look at what you're asking for, and understand how the distribution channel, incentive, survey platform, and delivery experience affect your data. Think through all of the possibilities that may invalidate your survey, and attend to any high-risk items.

Therefore, ensure surveys are run to achieve the correct response count in a reasonable time period. Run surveys on a platform that is accessible to your audience. Pilot test every survey with a limited audience and evaluate the results before a full launch.

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Take survey data from its collector and ensure Well-Managed Data in line with the procedures of your project or team. Survey data can be approached with Exploratory Quantitative Analysis and Exploratory Qualitative Analysis. Where possible, combine survey output data with on-hand Product Analytics.

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