Cross-functional Partnership

Skill layer:
Business Unit, Org.
Cross-functional Partnership
This skill brings you into product and service level decisions, blending your own expertise with a keen awareness of how that related, depends, and enables other functional disciplines involved in delivery.
How do our delivery disciplines all fit together? Where does research fit?
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Human focus:

Understanding the functional composition of the organization. Understanding where the leverage is at various points of the product/service development and delivery process.

While we, researchers, have a broad view and an open mind, it is yet one small slice of the many perspectives organizations need to get things done.

Don't need to know how to code, should know how engineers think about complexity and what type of issues they work on specifically. Don't need to know the sales call script, should understand the process by which your product is brought to market. Don't need to handle asupport call; should understand what signals are coming from customer support departments and how they can be leveraged by research.

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Amplifies craft skills:

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