Organizational Evangelism

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Business Unit, Org.
Organizational Evangelism
This skill is about how you connect your practice with the understanding, needs, and awareness of the organization-at-large.
How do we evidence & evangelize the value of research? With whom & where is our influence?
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Human focus:

Sometimes research sells itself. Good presentation and storytelling certainly help. But it's often the case that researchers consistently need to work for more...

Good evangelism is not about preaching the value of research itself; nobody wants to hear about how great that thing you do is. It's about knowing when and how to explain what reasearch is, where it fits, and why it's important to the specific people you're talking to (coupled with a demonstration of that value in the form of real project results or a case study.)

The other secret angle to organizational evangelism is understanding where and how to convert the momentum generated by research outcomes and education into new opportunities for the team. Learning where the leverage is, and the right time, venue, and place to ask specific people for the space or resources you need to bring the work forward.

As researchers (at least those in the early 2020s), this skill is of continued importance for all of us.

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