Mindful Work & Reflection

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Mindful Work & Reflection
The foundation of any good practice is rooted in your own self awareness. Your self-awareness and understanding of what's truly important to you set the frame for how you learn and grow, the facility with which you adapt and change.
How well do I separate my work & my worth? How honestly do I assess myself?
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Human focus:

Take an honest and mindful stock of where you are, and what's important to you, and where your work fits into the larger context of your life. How you manage yourself in your work, and mindfully direct where you spend your time and effort, is a serious and important skill for your health and wellbeing.

The work of research goes outside the boundaries of more traditional service and product development roles. By its nature we work to uncover the unknown, and it can be as challenging, frustrating, and difficult as it is rewarding, interesting, and exciting. Learn to recognize its impact on your state of mind, and even your identify.

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