Interpersonal Relationships

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Interpersonal Relationships
This is a foundational skill you'll take with you anywhere you go—a mindful approach to how you carry yourself with others.
How well-connected am I to cross-functional team members in the org.?
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This skill is the parent class of Interviewing Manner: in any situation, how do you address and interact with the others around you? 

It can be hard to assume good intent. It's very easy to make the fundamental attribution error: to fault others for actions that are a result of their situation, mistaking it for malice or poor performance. It's hard to recognize where we may be playing the victim, and not aware of the scope of action ultimately available to us. It takes real practice and reflection, and it makes every aspect of working with other people more rewarding.

Additionally, in our practice, as projects increase in complexity and deadlines loom, it becomes easier to close up within our immediate project team or functional team. At the same time, our ability to create higher order impact is a function of how well-connected you are more broadly within an organization. The pre-requisite for good interpersonal relationships is making an effort to have them.

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  • Read the Arbinger Institute's business-fable that puts mindful relationships into an extremely simple and straightforward metaphor: Leadership and Self-Deception
  • Please help—what do you suggest?
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