Business & Strategy Insight

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Business Unit, Org.
Business & Strategy Insight
This skill is an expression of your understanding of the principles of strategic action in general, and your ability to translate those ideas to the specific context of your organization.
What is our organization trying to do? How should we really go about that?
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Human focus:

We all have a rough sense of what it may mean to "be strategic." What this skill refers to is a deeper understanding of how the specific business or organization we work with makes its strategic choices.How well do we understand its ultimate goals, the focus it brings to bear, and the choices being made to help deliver?

From here, we must work to understand how our actions can, will, and do align with what the organization is trying to achieve, and where we can realistically make an impact. Understanding this context is crucial to delivering work at a higher level than "just" the interface or feature level.

As we start to do work that deals with product lines, new service offerings, or even internal process, it must be grounded in the reality of the organization's current strategy and strategic landscape. It is this understanding that allows us to see the real problems and constraints the organization is facing, and participate and position our work at a higher level.

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